15 Value Picks For Your 2022 Redraft Leauge

There is value to be had no matter what round you are in. The key is to not take players’ rounds earlier than their ADP. Now, this does not mean that I am persuading you not to take your guy. What I am saying is to reach for who you want reasonably. My plan is to go round by round and select one player for each that I believe will be value picks in your 2022 redraft leagues. The following are my 2022 value picks:

Round 1

Justin Jefferson, WR, MIN

  • I know what you’re thinking, how can a guy like Jefferson be of value in fantasy this year? The fact is that I have seen Jefferson go anywhere between the 3rd and 8th spots in mocks so far this year. I believe anywhere between those ranges is a value because of the fact that Jefferson could very well be the highest-scoring player in 2022. It is a definite possibility that Jefferson could outscore all running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends if everything goes as it should. The Viking’s offense should be more fantasy-friendly this year, and I believe they will be a contender for the best team in the NFC North this year. Jefferson offers one of the highest floor/ceiling combinations this year in fantasy. 

Round 2

Saquon Barkley, RB, NYG

  • If you were mock drafting a month or two ago, you were getting a great value on Saquon at the beginning of the third. As we continue to approach the regular season, Barkley’s value continues to rise. He is currently going anywhere from the beginning to the end of the 2nd round. If his current ADP stays where it currently is, then I believe that Barkley will be one of the best running back values in 2022. The New York Giants have new management and a new head coach, which should bring a lot more stability to the team. The Giants have also added key pieces to their offensive line and have good enough offensive weapons to take defenses away from blocking the box. Saquon offers a safe floor and massive upside because of his pass-catching ability. The value of getting Saquon in the 2nd round as your RB1/RB2 is immense. 

Round 3

Michael Pittman, WR, IND

  • Pittman is certainly on everyone’s radar, so hopefully, his ADP stays put. I believe that people are going to be surprised by what the Colt’s offense is able to do this year. They not only have a great offensive line but they should have more stability at the QB position than they have had in recent years. Pittman showed that he is capable of being the WR1 for the Colts, and I would bet that we have not seen his true ceiling as of yet. Pittman is the perfect high-end WR2, and I would even go as far as saying that I would be extremely comfortable with him being my WR1 if I decided to go RB-heavy throughout the first 2 rounds. Pittman not only offers a safe floor but has a very high ceiling heading into 2022. 

Round 4

Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN

  • The only person that might be receiving more love than Pittman is Sutton. Everyone can see the upside that Sutton has but for whatever reason, he is still falling into the 4th round. There are a lot of conversations over who will truly be the WR1 for the Broncos between Jeudy and Sutton. I personally like both wide receivers, but ultimately I will take Sutton due to his known ability and production. The addition of Russell Wilson should make an immediate impact on the Denver Broncos offense, and Sutton should be the main beneficiary. If Sutton makes his way into the 4th round of your drafts, he should be an immediate selection for your fantasy teams this year. Sutton is one of the best WR values in the draft at his current ADP. 

Round 5

J.K. Dobbins, RB, BAL

  • If I could tell you that you could get Dobbins in the 5th round of this year’s drafts last year, you would call me crazy. Due to his injury in 2021, that is exactly where he is going in this year’s drafts currently. From all of the reports that I have seen lately, Dobbins is expected to be ready for week 1. I understand the hesitancy when it comes to Dobbins, but I am not terribly concerned due to how great of a value he currently is. Dobbins is extremely talented and is on a team that is known for having great fantasy running backs. If you decide to go WR heavy early on, Dobbins is a great pick in the 5th round.

Round 6

Allen Robinson, WR, LAR

  • Robinson’s value took a massive hit last year after having a horrible season with the Bears. But it rebounded this off-season, after literally landing in the best possible spot that he could have. Robinson is now in the best offense that he has ever played with and has the best QB he has ever had as well. Even as the 2nd option on the Rams, Robinson should have no problem delivering a great stat line by the end of this year. He is the perfect acquisition for those who start RB heavy and is of great value at the WR position in 2022. 

Round 7

Dalton Schultz, TE, DAL

  • Everyone talks about how Schultz is just another guy in the NFL, but that doesn’t concern me one bit. Schultz is a capable pass catcher on an offense with many opportunities/ targets available. Usually, I do not advise people to draft mid-round tight ends, as they usually never pan out. That is not the case with Schultz as I believe he will be a top 5 TE this season with no issue. Schultz should be the #2 target for Dak and the Cowboys this year. There is a major vacancy of targets left behind with Cooper being traded away and Gallup coming into the season injured. If you missed out on the top 5 TEs, Schultz is a great TE value in the 7th round. 

Round 8

JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, KC

  • Did you ever think you could get Patrick Mahomes WR1 in the 8th round of drafts? Well you can, because that is exactly where JuJu is landing. The reason that I believe in JuJu this year is that we have seen him do it before. JuJu has shown the ability to be a WR1. He now has the best QB of his career and should be used more to his skill set. The fact that you’re getting him as your WR3/ Flex makes selecting him all that easier. It would not surprise me if JuJu becomes Mahomes’ #2 target and is able to put up WR2 + weeks on a regular basis. He gains even more value in full PPR leagues. JuJu is a great WR value this season. 

Round 9

Russell Wilson, QB, DEN

  • Unlimiteddddd. For pretty much the first time in his career Russ might very well be unlimited in his control of the offense in Denver. Russell Wilson should bounce back well after his disappointing season in Seattle last year. He is set up with a good offensive line, great running backs, and an amazing collection of wide receivers and tight ends. Wilson is primed to succeed and is a great late-round QB, as I believe he has top 6 upsides and is currently going as the QB9. If you bypass the top-tier QBs, drafting Wilson would be a savvy move. Wilson is one of the last QBs that offers the combo that we look for in fantasy with his running/passing ability. If you can get 8 key players at the RB/WR/TE positions and then take Wilson as your QB, the value for your roster is immense.

Round 10

Allen Lazard, WR, GB

  • The one quote we keep hearing throughout the pre-season is “Rodgers doesn’t trust rookies”. Whether he does or doesn’t bother me at all, because I believe Lazard will be the top receiving option for Rodgers outside of Jones and Dillon. He has the best relationship with Rodgers out of all the receiving options and it looks like Rodgers has the confidence in Lazard to succeed. Lazard is currently one of my favorite late-round WR adds, due to the fact that if he doesn’t perform well it won’t break your team. But if he does, he will be a major value for your roster. 

Round 11

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, ARI

  • Hopkins ADP seems to keep falling as the season gets closer, which is what should’ve been happening from the get-go due to his 6 game suspension in 2022. Hopkins current ADP is in the 11th round, the double-digit rounds are exactly where I would be comfortable taking him. Hopkins is getting up there in age, which doesn’t help either but I still feel that he has a good amount of gas left in the tank. Once he returns from his 6 games, Hopkins should take over as the WR1 for the Cardinals. If his ADP stays put or even falls later, his value is solid. Drafting him this late won’t break your team and if he comes back strong you will be ahead of your draftmates. 

Round 12

Cole Kmet , TE , CHI

  • Kmet is liked by most, and I am on the same page. He is my favorite late-round TE. If I miss out on the top 6, I am waiting for Kmet every time in the double-digit rounds. The Bears team as a whole is just plain bad, but we have seen bad teams produce great fantasy production over the years. Kmet should be the #2 option for Justin Fields and the Bears in 2022. He should receive 4-5 targets at the very least on a weekly basis and should be the #1 red zone target. Kmet is the perfect late-round TE. His cost is low but his ceiling is decently high at a position that is so inconsistent year to year. 

Round 13

Justin Fields, QB, CHI

  • I felt it was only right to do two Bears in a row. I know what you’re thinking, the Bears o-line is horrible and Fields has no offensive receiving weapons outside of Mooney and Kmet. You’re not wrong but what Fields does have is a great set of wheels. To have a QB in fantasy that can not only utilize his arm but also his legs is a major value. It is exactly why we are so high on players like Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts this year, Fields is no different. His o-line is so bad that he will be running for his life. Do you know what that will create? Fantasy points. If you missed out on all the usual high-end QBs and want to take a flier on a QB with a great ceiling, Fields is your guy. He is as good of a value as you can get at the QB position late in drafts. 

Round 14

DeVante Parker, WR, NE

  • From all of the reports that I have seen, Parker is the WR1 for the Patriots heading into the season. Usually, in the 14th/15th rounds, you are looking to acquire a defense, but instead, I recommend going for a position player. Parker would be the perfect late-round WR that I would be aiming for. The Patriots offense can still move the ball down the field and Parker should be one of the key pieces to making that happen early this season. He also should be one of the top red zone targets for Mac Jones due to his height alone. Parker is a great late-round value at the WR position. 

Round 15

Brian Robinson Jr., RB, WAS

  • Who would’ve thought that we would be talking about the current RB2 for the Washington Commanders, but here we are. I say RB2 very lightly because if Robinson continues to be used the way he has been so far this preseason, I could see him being the running back that we want in this backfield in no time. Robinson has the talent and skill to be a 3 down back for the Commanders. If Gibson continues to have fumbling issues, I like Robinson’s chances at taking over this backfield. Getting Robinson in the last round of your drafts would be a steal if everything goes the way we predict. If it doesn’t then you can just cut him and pick up a different player off of the waivers.

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