Matt’s Medical Tent Talks: Week 5 Recap

Another week, another set of injuries. Unfortunately, this weekend, the season of one particularly high profile quarterback was ended in gruesome fashion. As for the rest of the players on this list, there is quite a bit of variability. Let’s dive in!

Week 5 Injuries:

Dak Prescott, QB, DAL – Ankle

Let’s not bury the lead here. The biggest injury of the week five was the Dallas Cowboys’ franchise quarterback (?). Dak suffered a compound ankle fracture which was VERY clear for all to see on Sunday. A compound fracture is one in which the bone breaks through the skin, which increases the risk of infection. As you can gather, Dak’s season is over, but, good news, assuming no setbacks (particularly infections), Dak should be good to go for 2021.

Prognosis: Out for season, 4-6 month recovery

Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN – Groin

After worrying all offseason about Dalvin Cook and his contract and his shoulders, all was well up until week five. Cook suffered a groin strain that kept him out of most of the second half of Sunday’s week five tilt against the Seahawks, save for one play. Three reasons Cook won’t play this week – First, Cook was unable to return to game action in a “must-win” game for the Vikes demonstrating a significant injury; Second, Cook has yet to practice this week, and I doubt he practices at all; Third, and likely the biggest reason why I don’t think Cook plays, the Vikings have a bye in week seven which would allow essentially three weeks of rest before returning in week eight. The true severity of the injury cannot be gleaned at this moment, but this is at minimum a one-week injury, and with a bye, this realistically helps fantasy managers as there is less risk of re-injury with increased time to heal.

Prognosis: Depends on the severity, don’t expect to have Cook in week 6, good chance of return after the bye

A.J. Green, WR, CIN – Hamstring

What I think is most upsetting about this injury is that, for me, Green is BARELY relevant enough to get mentioned in this article, which is just sad. The good news is that all the news out of Cincinnati has been positive this week regarding Green’s hamstring. Neither head coach Zac Taylor nor Joe Burrow seemed very worried when asked about Green on Wednesday, additionally, Green was able to log a limited practice for the first injury report of the week which is a good sign for the weekend. That being said, I need to see it to believe it. Green has been unable to hook up with Joe Burrow when 100% healthy through four weeks. I’m certainly not going to put my faith in him now coming off a hamstring injury. The plan is for Green to be full-go for Thursday which will be the test for potentially playing in week six, but regardless, I’m waiting to see consistent good play from Green before giving him my trust. 

Prognosis: Watch practice reports the rest of the week to see if reports from Cincy are true regarding this being a nonissue.

Sammy Watkins, WR, KC – Hamstring

After having a decent, though unspectacular, start to the 2020 season, Sammy Watkins suffered a hamstring injury in week five. Following the game head coach Andy Reid said, “he tore his hamstring,” which is, well, not great. Now what is the true severity, I am unsure as even a mild hamstring strain, technically has some microtears in the muscle, so I am not exactly sure what was communicated to Andy and if that was taken out of context. That being said, all expectations point to this being a relatively significant injury that will cause Watkins to miss multiple weeks. The injury to Watkins probably gives Mecole Hardman a chance to shine in his stead. 

Prognosis: Still awaiting severity, but likely 3-6 week absence

Keenan Allen, WR, LAC – Back

Allen suffered a back injury in week five that knocked him out of the rest of Monday night’s game against the Saints. Current reports are Allen is suffering from back spasms, but, as of this writing, the Thursday injury report has not been released (no Wednesday report as Chargers played Monday night). Therefore, with little information out there, this will be an injury to monitor heading into the weekend. Tune in to the “Matt’s Medical Tent Talks”  live stream on Twitter Thursday evening where I will have updated information on all players after the release of Thursday’s injury report as we head into the weekend. 

Prognosis: N/A, awaiting additional information

D.J. Chark, WR, JAX – Ankle

After being banged up early in the season, with a back issue, Chark is once again dealing with an injury, now at his ankle. We are unsure at this time what the injury is or where in the ankle it is located (high/low ankle sprain?). What we do know is that Chark did not practice Wednesday. Due to the lack of specificity regarding the injury, the best way to go about deciding on Chark heading into Sunday is to watch the practice reports. If he’s able to trend towards positively and finish with a full practice this week, he’s likely in, though potentially limited. If he trends negatively, well, he’s probably not going to play, easy as that. The specific ankle injury will say a lot about the prognosis going forward.

Prognosis: Little info on injury specificity. Watch for practice report trend, check back for more injury information throughout the week

Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT – Back Injury 

Another back injury for a top-tier wideout. Diontae Johnson was able to play just a few snaps against the Eagles before being forced from the game. Johnson is another player that we just do not have much information on at this time, SORRY! Back injuries, in general, are quite variable as injuries can range from brief spasms to muscle strains to disc problems to rib fractures. As we have no word on what the injury maybe, I do not want to speculate until I hear some type of clue to the potential injury, or, hopefully, a firm diagnosis (doubtful). Therefore, just like Keenan Allen, just like D.J. Chark, gotta watch the practice reports, but check throughout the week for up to date information!

Prognosis: Missed practice on Wed, need more clarity

Thursday Night Breakdown

NO TNF, so nobody is getting hurt!

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