Starts and Sits: Week 11

Week 11 is here, so we need to know who to start and who to sit. Our start/sit article is not going to discuss the apparent players who should always be played. We aim to help you with the players that you might be on the fence about heading into the weekend. Good luck this week and don’t overthink it. 

Here are the Starts/Sits for Week 11:



Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants Vs. Detroit Lions

   Jones has a great matchup this week against the Lions and should be able to take advantage of their defense throughout the entire game. He has Saquon playing at an elite level and receiving options that are good enough to stretch the field. Jones is the perfect streaming option this week and offers low-end QB1 value with an upside in week 11.

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, San Francisco 49ers Vs. Arizona Cardinals

    Jimmy has been a great streaming option in positive matchups thus far this year. He offers a safe floor and a nice ceiling when all the stars align and they should this week against the Cardinals. The 49ers offense is stacked with talent and Jimmy should have no problem having a successful day because of it. Jimmy G is a high-end QB2 with as safe of a floor as you can get and a good ceiling in his week 11 matchup.

Russell Wilson, QB, Denver Broncos Vs. Las Vegas Raiders

   I usually would never recommend starting Wilson but he is playing the Raiders this week. He will be without one of his top WRs in Jerry Jeudy, but still, have enough offensive weapons to be able to compete this week. If you are between a rock and a hard place, you could do a lot worse than Wilson this week. He is a high-end QB2 this week and should give fantasy managers a decent floor play at the very least.


Kyler Murray, QB,  Arizona Cardinals Vs. San Francisco 49ers

      This has nothing to do with Murray playing below his ability or being a bad player. This has to do with the fact that he was a game-time decision last week and it is looking like the same kind of situation this week, with him trending to be out again. They play on the Monday night matchup which means if he doesn’t play and you don’t have Jimmy G as your backup, you will be left without a starting QB in week 11. Which would almost certainly lose you your matchup. I would prefer to start the following QBs over  Murray than risk him giving you a zero: Daniel Jones, Mariota, Jimmy G, and Russ. Murray is a QB1 if he plays but I do not expect him to in week 11. 

Jared Goff, QB, Detroit Lions Vs. New York Giants

    Goff just isn’t set up to succeed right now. The Lions offense is a bit of a mess and the matchup against the Giants isn’t sublime. Goff can offer you a low floor with a low ceiling pretty much every week and it looks no different this week against the Giants. I would look for a streaming option with a higher floor and ceiling in week 11. Goff is a low-end QB2 this week.

Derek Carr, QB, Las Vegas Raiders Vs. Denver Broncos

   The Raiders and Carr have really fallen off after having some success early in the season. Carr just doesn’t have the supporting cast needed to provide solid stat lines these days outside of Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs. Without Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow, his upside has been capped and he is no longer a streaming option until we see things change. This week’s matchup against the Broncos also has me wanting nothing to do with Carr this week. He will offer a very low floor and ceiling in week 11. Carr is a low-end QB2 with barely any upside. 

Running Back


Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington Commanders Vs. Houston Texans

    Ever since the commanders changed quarterbacks, Gibson has been nothing short of amazing. He’s being utilized in the passing and run game and should continue to have success this week against the Houston Texans. The Texans have been one of the worst teams against the run and both Gibson and Robinson Jr should get enough work to have a successful day for fantasy managers. Gibson is a low-end RB2 with an upside in week 11.

Isiah Pacheco, RB, Kansas City Chiefs  Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

   If there’s anything we can learn from the Chiefs last two matchups, it is that Pacheco is now the lead running back for the Chiefs. Now don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say, this is still a 3 headed monster but Pacheco is now at the head of it. Mckinnon is the main passing back and CEH has been relegated to bench duty for at least the near future. Pacheco received the bulk of the carries this past week and should get the same type of workload in week 11. The matchup against the Chargers is as good as it gets for RBs and if I had to bet on which back is getting into the endzone this week,  it would be Pacheco. Pacheco is a high-end flex with an upside this week.

Gus Edwards, RB, Baltimore Ravens Vs. Carolina Panthers

    It really depends on if Gus is active in week 11, if he is I am very excited to start him against the Panthers. He should once again be the lead back with the bulk of the carries and should get enough work to be inserted right back into your starting lineup. If Gus were to miss this week, everything I said above would then translate over to Drake. We have already seen what he is able to do when he gets the full workload and he should do the same in a good matchup this week. Whoever starts is a high-end flex with RB2 upside in week 11.


D’Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions  Vs. New York Giants

    Considering that most spent a late first-round pick on Swift, he has been easily one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy football in 2022. Even though he is back from his injury, it is hard to say that he is healthy. The lions really have nothing to play for anymore, and I would not expect that they would push Swift because of it. Jamal Williams is easily the better running back on the team at this point and he should be the one that continues to receive the workload in both the pass and run game. Swift is nothing more than a risky flex play. He offers a very limited ceiling and a floor that will never have you excited. 

Michael Carter, RB, New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots

    I like Michael Carter, he has been a value throughout most of the season. He is a good overall back, but I am just not excited for him this week against a tough patriots defense that is coming off of a bye. This should be a very heavy defensive matchup which could limit the overall scoring of both teams. Carter should still have PPR value but may offer his managers a lower ceiling than usual and week 11. He is a flex play with limited upside this week.

Darrell Henderson Jr., RB, Los Angeles Rams Vs. New Orleans Saints

  I wasn’t excited about the rims running backs before Cooper Kupp got injured, so I am certainly not excited for them going forward without the team’s WR1. I expect things to be pretty miserable for the Rams going forward, as they weren’t all that exciting before Kupp was put on IR. The offensive line for the Rams is extremely bad, I can’t see them being able to move the ball anywhere as easily as they had been in prior weeks. I would avoid Henderson going forward unless we see the team totally turn things around. Henderson is a low-end flex this week against the Saints. 

Wide Receiver


Kadarius Toney, WR, Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

  When you have Patrick Mahomes as your QB, all you need are opportunities to succeed. Without Mecole Hardman and Juju Smith- Schuster playing this week, that is exactly what Toney will have. Outside of Travis Kelce, there is no top-tier weapon which means there will be plenty of targets for Toney as he makes his case to be the WR1 for the Chiefs. The matchup against the Chargers is also as good as it can get due to the injuries their defense has sustained throughout the year. Start Toney with confidence this week, he is a low-end WR2 with massive upside. 

Darnell Mooney, WR, Chicago Bears Vs. Atlanta Falcons

   Since the Bears have been on their hot streak, Mooney has been one of the players that’s production has increased drastically. One a player that we couldn’t even get low-end flex value, he has now been a high-end flex/low-end WR2 in 2 of his last 3 matchups. Mooney has a great matchup this week and should continue to get peppered with targets. He is a high-end flex with an upside this week. 

Darius Slayton, WR, New York Giants Vs. Detroit Lions

  Slayton is exactly what he has always been which is a low-floor play with massive upside on any given week. Lately, he has been more reliable than in the past as he has been successful in his last three matchups. I like his chances at having 4 in a row as he faces a Lions defense that is thrashed by opposing wide receivers on a weekly basis. Slayton is a high-end flex this week against the Lions. 


DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers Vs. Baltimore Ravens

    Moore is probably the one player I don’t really have to persuade you to sit. He has been underperforming all year and that will not change this week with Baker Mayfield behind center. Until the Panthers get him a real QB, Moore should be left on your bench. He offers a very low floor and ceiling on a weekly basis and it’s almost impossible to know when he will have any type of success. He is a boom/ bust flex option this week against the Ravens. 

Jakobi Meyers, New England Patriots, WR, Vs. New York Jets

     Meyers has had some ups and down weeks this year and I would bet it on a down week against the Jets top-tier defensive backs. With a solid running game, I could see the Patriots running out the clock if they get a decent lead on the Jets early. I fear that if Meyers doesn’t find the end zone this week, you will be left with flex numbers at best. Meyers is a much safer option in full PPR leagues due to amount of targets he receives. He is a high-end flex with a safe floor but a limited ceiling in week 11.

Allen Robinson II, WR, Los Angeles Rams Vs. New Orleans Saints

    I wasn’t excited about starting Robinson when he was the WR2 for the Rams and I’m definitely not excited about starting him now as the WR1. Sure there will be targets to be had but that also means that the top defensive backs will now be covering him as well. I don’t think much changes for Robinson as he had not been heavily utilized throughout most of the season and his production has been subpar. This matchup has low scoring written all over it and I would prefer to start a player with a higher ceiling than Robinson this week. He is a mid-tier flex with very little appeal. 

Tight Ends


Greg Dulcich, TE, Denver Broncos Vs. Las Vegas Raiders

  I think I was a week off from Greg’s best fantasy day. This week the Broncos will be without Jerry Jeudy and will be facing a Raiders defense that is ranked low against pretty much every offensive position including tight end. The targets should be there and Dulcich should be utilized much more this week. He is a low-end TE1 with a mid-tier TE1 upside. 

Tyler Higbee, TE, Los Angeles Rams Vs. New Orleans Saints

   Higbee is literally the only Rams player that I would want to start this week. The tight end position is a total wasteland, so any TE that receives a decent target share is worth starting. Higbee should fit that exact mold as the Rams are now without their top receiving option. Higbee should once again be a reliable option that offers a safe floor and the usual TD upside that any starting TE can offer. He is a low-end TE 1 with an upside this week. 


Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons Vs. Chicago Bears

  We have seen what Kyle Pitts is in this offense and it’s not pretty. With the current QB play, Pitts is a totally unreliable option. He can have as low of a floor as possible for a tight end and his ceiling isn’t all that high either. Like any tight end, you’re banking on a touchdown and I can’t say with any confidence that Pitts will find the end zone this week. I would hope that you had found a more reliable option for the TE position by this point. Pitts is nothing more than a high-end TE2 this week against the Bears. 

Dawson Knox, TE, Buffalo Bills Vs. Cleveland Browns

    Knox has been a pretty disappointing fantasy option this year and I don’t see that changing against the Browns this week.

I could see this matchup being a massive shoot out and I still don’t have faith in Knox. He should receive 4-6 targets but I would bet he doesn’t get into the end zone. This means his production for the day will leave you disappointed if you started him. Know is a mid-tier TE2 with a low floor and ceiling this week.